In this section I will include reviews of crime books, fiction and non-fiction, which I've read. Some will be of proofs submitted for review while others will be books I have come across and feel other readers would enjoy (or, occasionally, should avoid).

Fearless by M.W. Craven

M.W. Craven has (temporarily) moved away from the brilliant Poe and Tilly detective series to write the first of a series of action thrillers featuring Ben Koenig, a man who cannot feel fear. This is an excellent read and I look forward to reading the next one. Jack Reacher fans - and anyone who enjoys a fast-paced thriller- will love it.

Blood ties by Lin Le Versha

A gripping tale of murder and deceit set in, beautifully evoked, Suffolk, this describes the increasingly desperate attempts of the Percy family to hang on to the stately home Glebe Hall.

Detective Inspector Hale, and his partner, former police officer Steph Grant, have to disentangle what is exactly going on - and prevent further tragedy.

Until proven innocent by Nicola Williams

Nicola Williams is a Crown Court judge and brings her experience, as a Black lawyer, to this haunting story of a Black barrister compelled to defend a racist White police officer. The impacts of this job, on her and her family and friends, are grippingly described and the book is thought-provoking without being preachy. Highly recommended.

The last bird of paradise by A.J. Aberford

The reluctant hero, Superintendent George Zammit of the Maltese Police, is once again embroiled in organised crime, frauds and terrorism in the Middle East and on his home turf. This is the latest in an engaging series and provides plenty of excitement as well as some humour. Well worth reading!