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About this site

What this website is

A means of checking some basic science principles for crime writers and TV dramatists

A credibility-booster for writers who want to get things right but can't afford to employ a full-time professional researcher or don't have the time themselves

A source of further information which may be useful

As I'm based in the UK much of the material has a British slant. The principles of science, however, apply everywhere

What this website isn't

A comprehensive guide to all aspects of chemistry, physics, forensics, toxicology and physiology

A condensed version of The Anarchist's Cookbook

A blame site where authors are held up to ridicule over scientific points (although I may allude to some errors without mentioning names)

A guide to police procedure, autopsies or the workings of the courts

What I can do for writers

I will add to the various sections of the website to fill in gaps and when something potentially interesting catches my eye

I'm happy to answer email enquiries without payment although, if you use me or the website extensively, a credit (and even a copy of the book) would be much appreciated

I'm happy to proof-read sections of work in progress to check for scientific accuracy

I can do more detailed and lengthy research on request for a minimal fee (I have to supplement my pension somehow!)

I would be pleased to review books if publishers care to send them to me

What I won't do

I will not suggest ways of murdering people and getting away with it

I will not explain how to make explosive devices, extract prohibited substances from plants, synthesise controlled drugs or do anything else which could lead to someone really being murdered (or get me into trouble with the security services)

I cannot comment on mental illness or the psychology of serial killers

Who am I?

My name is Brian Price. I am a Chartered Chemist and Chartered Biologist who probably reads and watches more crime fiction than is healthy. I also have many years' experience of environmental issues so I am always keen to advise on environmental crime plots. I have advised several authors and also the BBC on scientific issues and have published a number of popular books on pollution as well as a range of technical reports.

Follow me on Twitter @crimewritersci or email me at

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